It's a TV Land Kind of Summer

Tonight, I will be at one of my favorites places with some of my favorite people, TV Land HQ in NYC. We will be LIVE tweeting the premieres of new TV Land shows, Impastor (starring Michael Rosenbaum) and The Jim Gaffigan Show, plus the return of The Exes! If you haven't seen The Exes yet, I suggest you tune in and then hit up TVLand.com to catch up on past seasons, it truly is a hysterical show with one fantastic cast!

I have had the pleasure of seeing episodes of Impastor and The Jim Gaffigan Show already and I can tell you they are the perfect summer TV watching. Michael Rosenbaum and Sara Rue put the fun & sexy back in sitcoms and Jim Gaffigan is just one of those lovable funny guys who says what we are all thinking but may be too afraid to actually voice out loud. 

Starting at 10pm, we will be tweeting away and I would love for you to join in. It's easy, just watch TV Land and tweet your favorite scenes, lines, or your reactions to the shows! I'll be looking for you and always welcome the engagement. You can find me as @teeco71 (if you didn't already know). 

The accounts and hashtags you will need are:





For The Jim Gaffigan Show:



@imthesmash (Ashley Williams)



For Impastor:


@mrosenbaum711 (Michael Rosenbaum)




@missmircea (Mircea Monroe)

For The Exes:





@kjothesmartass (Kristen Johnston)


You can watch The Jim Gaffigan Show videos and even find full episode previews (they are not the episode airing on Wednesday) here: http://bit.ly/WatchGaffiganShow


You can watch Impastor videos and catch the full episode before it premieres on Wednesday here: http://bit.ly/watch-impastor


You can catch up on the last season of The Exes on TVLand.com (desktop only) http://www.tvland.com/shows/the-exes/full-episodes



Have you seen sneak peeks of Impastor or The Jim Gaffigan Show? Are you a fan of The Exes? I hope to see you online tonight and  I would love to hear from you right here:



What I'm looking forward to in Entertainment

The VMAs - August 28th
The Emmys - September 14th - 19th with Vanity Fair in LA
Dragon Con - Atlanta September 3rd - September 5th
NYFW - September 10th with KYBOE! Watches
LURED, a play in NYC focusing on a Russian hate group's attach on a young gay man and its repercussions - September 11th
Grail Springs retreat/spa time! September 25th - September 28th
That Golden Girl Show - a puppet show based on our favorite ladies from Miami The Golden Girls - October 1st 
Live show in NYC - Aris October 15th
Spa time at Grand Resort Spa in Ft Lauderdale, FL October 21 - October 23rd

EyeCon OTH

I am so thrilled to be able to announce this & be a part of it! Follow @EyeCon3000 to stay up to date!

EyeCon, One Tree Hill, OTH, SociallyDvoted




Return To Zero

Airs Saturday, May 17th 8PM/7c on Lifetime. Catch the trailer here: 

Return to Zero, Lifetime, film, SociallyDvoted  



Great way to help people in need, click the picture to find out more: 

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Pretty Little Liars - Season 5

Pretty Little Liars - Season 5 Premieres Tuesday, June 10th at 8PM/9c. Watch the trailer here: 

Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family, Season 5, TV, SociallyDvoted


The Night Shift

Watch the Trailer here 

NBC, The Night Shift